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EDR - Endpoint Detection and Response QRadar Solutions

Endpoints remain the most exposed and exploited part of any network, with the average organization managing thousands. The rise of malicious and automated cyber activity targeting endpoints leaves organizations that rely on traditional endpoint security approaches struggling against attackers who exploit zero-day vulnerabilities with ease and launch a barrage of ransomware attacks. The volume of alerts is leading to fatigued analysts struggling with complex tooling, alert overload and time-consuming investigations.
Our solution (EDR) places itself behind the software and before the background, allowing all possible cyber threats to be identified, including those not yet known and identified (such as zero-day, ransomware, etc...).

Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR)

Our solution makes it possible to guarantee business continuity (continuing work, complying with the new data protection law, preventing possible damage to reputation) despite the attacks that may come to the door.

EDR software makes it possible to go and analyze the threat that presents itself in any form. At the same time, it provides all the information necessary for technicians to be able to analyze it, manage it and decide on the action to be taken, this time and in the future.

IBM Security® QRadar® EDR, formerly ReaQta, remediates known and unknown endpoint threats in near real time with easy-to-use intelligent automation that requires little-to-no human interaction. You can make quick and informed decisions with attack visualization storyboards and use automated alert management to focus on threats that matter. Advanced continuous learning AI capabilities and a user-friendly interface put security staff back in control and help safeguard business continuity.