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MDR - Managed Detection and Response Solutions & SOCaaS

The SOC ensures the management, configuration of systems with regard to services, devices, applications and networks, ensuring real corporate cyber security by detecting possible cyber-attacks or anomalies in the system at an early stage. It improves security by carrying out preventive, predictive work through various tools such as security assessment, vulnerability assessment, penetration testing, etc.

Security Operation Center as a Service

The purpose of the SOC, or rather our company's SOC, is to identify, detect, analyze and report cyber-attacks before they can turn into a concrete threat to the company. It is important to possess and implement it as it brings advantages in the identification of risks and their prevention, especially as cyber-attacks are becoming more and more complicated. 

Have ITNB experts manage your Endpoint Detection & Response. 24x7 managed endpoint detection and response—powered by AI, delivered by ITNB Managed Security Services.