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Log Insights - QRadar Solutions

A fast and highly scalable cloud-native log management and security observability solution.

Near-real-time insights and quick setup: Gain enhanced security insights with improved visibility across data sources and repositories using hundreds of ready-made connectors.

Fast investigation, fast answers: Use a modern, cloud-native data warehouse and intuitive query language, KQL, to easily handle large data set queries in seconds.

Performance at scale: Collaborate easily by using existing data stores with federated search and integrated case management.

Log Insights

QRadar Log Insights is powerful enough to extract, investigate and pull data from anywhere, and it can quickly perform multiple, concurrent searches on large data subsets in seconds. We infused the tool with smart, interactive dashboards and analytics to help you detect, investigate and plan action against threats faster.

Actionable dashboards and powerful search UX with built-in threat intelligence enrichment, federated search and case management allow more time for strategic analysis and threat hunting. The unified analyst experience is built specifically for the demands of today’s security operations and hybrid cloud environments.

IBM Security® QRadar® Log Insights can help you gain complete visibility over your exponential and continuously growing digital footprint. Designed to address security observability needs with simple data ingestion, rapid search and powerful visualization, it's optimized to perform analytics on data with greater efficiency and to provide faster insights.