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ITNB Project Management

Our goal is to deliver sustainable project results to our customers through motivated employees and structured processes.

For 20 years now, we have been successfully implementing projects in the security environment. Whether SIEM, XDR or NAC, our customers are continuously accompanied from requirements engineering to implementation.

In our projects, we promote the ability to change through:

Knowledge - Transparency and communication measures, especially about the project. Employees react differently to adoption processes due to their socialisation; communication measures are adapted accordingly on an ongoing basis.

Skills - Acquiring competence to cope with new challenges. This includes qualification and certification measures (enabling), workshops and targeted further training.


In our projects, we promote the willingness to change through:

Shall - Leadership and organisation must provide the framework conditions for the project. This includes clean and structured project planning using established methods, defined processes, and dynamic and adaptable leadership.

Want - Employees must be motivated to take ownership of the project. Proactive leadership is crucial in this respect. New role concepts in the company also streamline the project.

Only when all concerned parties work together, does the adoption process become self-propelling and the project a success.