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ASM Randori Recon - IBM Solutions

Organizations have done an excellent job finding and fixing known vulnerabilities in managed organizational assets. But the rapid adoption of hybrid cloud models and the permanent support of a remote workforce have made it impossible for security to manage the expansion of the enterprise attack surface.

Randori Recon uses a continuous, accurate discovery process to uncover shadow IT and gets you on target quickly with correlated, factual findings that are based on adversarial temptation. The streamlined workflows improve your overall resiliency through integrations with your existing security ecosystem.

ASM Randori Recon

To know where attackers will strike, you first need to know how they view your attack surface. Randori Recon provides continuous asset discovery and issue prioritization from an attacker’s perspective.

With cloud migrations, shadow IT, and mergers and acquisitions (M&A), your perimeter constantly changes. These changes represent windows of opportunity for attackers.
Just like real threat actors, Randori Recon continuously monitors your external attack surface, uncovering blind spots, misconfigurations and process failures that would otherwise be missed. Using a black-box approach, Randori finds the Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) and cloud assets that others miss, with no installation or configuration required.