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EHLxHotellerieSuisse "From Experts for Experts" - Zürich

EHLxHotellerieSuisse "From Experts for Experts" - Zürich

🎉 A fantastic experience at the EHLxHotellerieSuisse "From Experts for Experts" event in Zürich, at the Widder Hotel!
We're grateful to the organizers, Achim Schmitt and Silvia Fernández Carranza, for giving us the opportunity to present the techniques for managing data effectively, specifically in dealing with cyber-attacks and the new Federal Act on Data Protection (#nFADP/ #nLPD/ #nDSG).🛡️
A special shoutout to our speaker, Nicolai Brignoli, who brilliantly covered essential topics during the event, showcasing the significance of our solutions for attendees seeking better data protection.

📢 Exciting news: The same event will take place in Bern next September and in Chur in November! Don't miss the chance to join us, EHL and HotellerieSuisse, and learn more about effective data management and cybersecurity.

🌐 Our team is committed to promoting cybersecurity awareness and emphasizing the need for businesses to handle their data effectively.
Together, we can build a safer digital future for everyone! 🚀

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