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Education Industry

Why is the Education Industry important

Education forms the bedrock of our society and remains integral to its progress. Given its tremendous influence in shaping our collective destiny, we must prioritize its safety and security.

Real-world examples in Education

At the beginning of the school week, nobody has been monitoring the IT infrastructure for the past two days due to the weekend. As soon as you arrive, teachers complain that they are unable to access the necessary digital resources such as school materials, digital boards and grades for their students. Additionally, there has been a severe data leak, including detailed and sensitive personal information of both students and employees, such as their preferences, illnesses, and financial statements, compromising security. 

You can already see the long-lasting impact this will have on the school's future, including a decrease in applications, possible legal action, and potential demotion.

Towards the solution: ITNB

Considering the complexity involved in identifying the most appropriate solutions for preventing such situations in your business, it may seem perplexing. In such scenarios, speaking with our Single Point of Contact with expertise in offering cybersecurity solutions can assist in choosing the most fitting options.

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