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We are ITNB

Over the years, our company has managed to distinguish itself in the project management and cyber security market, having worked mainly in the fields of healthcare and high manufacturing, education, and hospitality, alongside small and medium-sized enterprises. 

We have established close partnerships with IBM, HotellerieSuisse, EHL Hospitality Business School & Innovation Hub, InnoBoost SA, GMT Magazine. Our clients appreciate us for the rigour in the execution of projects, for the respect of delivery (quality, time, costs), for the promptness of intervention in the moment of need, all of this always having in mind the personal relationship since, before numbers, there are for us human relationships.

Our Mission:

To preventively, predictively, and proactively help clients manage and secure their IT infrastructure. We offer unique structured cybersecurity solutions with 24/7 services. With our Single Point of Contact, we manage and secure your IT infrastructure thanks to behaviour analysis and AI automation.

Where we are from:

We are a Swiss Company based in the Canton of Zug. Our diverse team of experts enables us to be present in all linguistic regions of Switzerland. 

We are currently working in many industries such as Healthcare, Manufacturing, Education, and Hospitality. Our diverse portfolio of clients enables us to build a wide range of skills and services.

Before numbers, there are humans and human relationships. Our Management:
Nicolai Brignoli
Founder & CEO

Founder & CEO, with extensive knowledge in risk-related topics to all Cloud and IT Infrastructure situations. 

With more than 30 years of experience and strong competence in the fields of Project Management, IT Security & Cloud and IT Infrastructure, Nicolai has developed the capacity to understand companies' needs and being able to provide the best solutions depending on the specific case, with quality delivery and human relationship at the core of the exchanges. 

He is personally invested in the journey of ITNB as CEO, Founder of the company, and one of the Single Point of Contact.

Matteo Alberto Brignoli
Business Development Officer

Business Development Officer.

In charge of Business Development, C-Suite Interchange & Strategic Consulting, Client Portfolio, and Partnerships, Matteo brings to the table a high level of expertise in human relations and customer experience, with a special focus on creating and maintaining long-lasting relationships. 

He has a background in Hospitality and management, which makes him the correct sparring partner for decision-makers who want to talk about business and solutions. 

He is personally invested in the journey of ITNB as a Business Development Officer, and one of the Single Point of Contact.

David Bertolin
CTO - Senior Security Engineer

CTO - Senior Security Engineer.

David, as the Head of ITNB's Technical Department, brings a wealth of expertise to IT Security & Cloud and IT Infrastructure, drawing on 10+ years of experience. 

He's been an integral part of numerous exceptional projects for governmental agencies and businesses alike. With his knowledge, David can deploy and fuse quality, efficiency, and human touch into his solutions.

He is personally invested in the journey of ITNB as CTO - Senior Security Engineer, and one of the Single Point of Contact.